We have our very own in-house repair center, VGRC, that specializes in retro consoles, game cartridges, controllers and more. Let them professionally and quickly take care of any of your repair needs.
Most items that require repair are needed first in order to properly access and determine the proper repair prior to providing you with an estimate.

 We do don't charge you to provide an estimate, to diagnose, or if you choose not to have your item repaired there is still no charge! You only pay to have your item fixed!

dr mario video game repair
Bring in your console for a FREE ESTIMATE!!
Xbox One & PS4 Console Repair

Xbox One

We can repair system update failure, stuck in safe mode, Start Up Errors including Errors E100, E200, Disc Read Errors, Hard Drive upgrade and replacements and more!

xbox one repair, system updates


We repair safe mode issues, offline updates, system slow or fails to load, blue light flashing, powers on then off, Hard drive replacements and upgrades and many more!

Battery Replacement

Some game cartridges have the ability to save your progress as you play. In order for the game to "remember" where you left off the game has a battery on board to allow that feature to function. 

When your game can no longer save your progress or asks you to create a profile everytime you turn it on then the battery inside is dead, damaged or the connection is broken.

 $5 per game

Plus standard return shipping.

The batteries are small, flat and round and are similar in size to dimes and nickels. They require the cartridge to be opened and a new one soldered in its place. 

Our service includes removal of the old battery, removal of any battery acid from the board and installation of the new battery.

Your game is properly cleaned inside and out and the save function is fully tested to confirm the game requires no additional service.

Game Cartridge Cleaning

Retro video game cartridges over the years have accumulated dirt, dust, writing and stickers. Tons of stickers! In fact most video game cartridges out there have the old video store tamper stickers on them. These were made to be a pain to remove.

We provide a cleaning service to safely remove all stickers, dirt and writing from your game carts.

 $5 per game

Includes standard return shipping.

Corrosion and dirt often build up on the contact pins of the game cart and can cause the game not to play or load properly. As part of our cleaning service we properly clean and polish each of those contact points to ensure your game loads and plays with ease.

We can clean and service your one game, collection, or provide your business with ongoing service for all your cleaning and prep needs.

1 - 10: $5.00 per game
11 - 20: $4.00 per game
21 - 30: $3.50 per game
31 - 40: $3.00 per game