Two New Maps, Daily Rewards, updates and more Coming to Gears of War 4 December

The second major update for GOW4 is scheduled for December 6th for Season Pass Holders. This package will give us two fresh maps never seen before, updates to technical requests, and perks for players. While these updates will be available early for the Season Pass holders in the Developer's Playlist, Players without will have the opportunity to enjoy them starting December 13th.

The Two new maps are titled "Glory"(which seems familiar to a Gears 2 favorite to me), and Speyer.

There are some nice "Fly-thru" videos below so you can get your sneak peak of the new maps!

As we get these two new maps we loose two maps from rotation. Gridlock and Relic will no longer be playable in the standard rotation. (If you own the season pass you can still play them in private matches)

Technical updates include but not limited to these:

A Daily Rewards system

Improved visual feedback for damage dealt with the Gnasher

Vertical Split-Screen for Windows 10 players

Improvements to footstep audio balance, audio/video settings

The Coalition claims to be releasing more detailed information on the improvements and tweaks this

Friday on their website:

"With this update, Season Pass holders will earn additional XP and Credit rewards when playing the Developer Playlist during the week it’s available. Season Pass holders will continue to get early access to new maps (December 6 for Speyer and Glory), and have access to all DLC maps permanently for use in Versus and Horde Private Matches. We’re continuing to look at adding even more benefits and value for our Season Pass holders in the future."

Gears has always been festive too! "Gearsmas" is back and loaded with goodies.

There’s still plenty more to come from Gears of War 4 this December! The Gears Holiday tradition of “Gearsmas” will be returning in style, with new content to earn through play, special holiday heads and a new Special Event featuring a wintery twist on a classic Gears of War weapon. We’ll be talking more about “Gearsmas” soon, as well as some first looks at what else is coming this December.

Speyer Map Fly-Thru:

Glory Map Fly-Thru:

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