Sega Game Gear Issues

Some of the most common of Sega Game Gear issues are all tied to one thing, or should I say about 20 of them.

If your game system has low and quite sound, dim light on the screen, nothing on the screen, lines on the screen or power issues then most likely your Game Gear has bad or faulty capacitors.

There are approximately 20 capacitors within your system including the Audio board, the Power board and the Main mother board. These "caps" as frequently referred as, will fail over time. they swell in size and begin to leak battery-like acid inside your unit. The caps are shown below in the photos. They are the black cylinder shaped objects attached to the boards.

Replacing the caps is a medium skilled difficulty and requires patience and some soldering skills.

Typically, if you have not attempted this repair it should take you around 2-3 hours to complete.

The photos below show caps that have been replaced and aligned so that they do not obstruct the inside componets while closing the unit back up.

You can find this Repair Service, along with many others in our "Repair Center" section.


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Sega Game Gear Issues


Find out what causes the most common problems with your unit.


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